Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hattie Big Sky

When I read Hattie Big Sky, I was filled with emotions both happy and sad. For example, I felt happy for Hattie when she recieved her claim and sad because I felt the same emotions Hattie did when others didn't do what she expected. The way that Kirby Larson based this far-fetched read aloud on her great grandmother own experiences was truly amazing.

Hattie Brookes really weaved through my head as I kept reading. I found myself say one rainy day, "Lucky Hattie! Her wish for rain has come true!" I found it fascinating how Kirby Larson used the dialog she used. It made it seem as if little Mattie, funny Rooster Jim, mean Traft Martin, or sweet Perilee were talking in the same room that I was reading in! I realy enjoyed reading Hattie Big Sky.

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